Shredding Services Near Me

When your e waste MUST be recycled properly – you call us.

Shredding Services Near Me

When your e waste MUST be recycled properly – you call us.

Top Notch Customer Service

  • We are on a first name basis with our clients. We know them. We work with them. When you work with us, you are not just a number or an “account.” We know our clients. Our shredding services are unmatched in security and quality, but our customer service remains a top priority.


  • We are responsive. We call you back. Often, we get new clients because their old provider was slow to respond to emails or phone calls. We don’t keep you waiting, and we always call you back in a timely manner. when your shredding services need to be done properly, we are the perfect choice.

Professionalism: Our focus is a thorough inspection of assets

  • We sweat the small stuff – both figuratively and literally. We focus on every detail of our shredding services relentlessly. We check every little thing, because more and more often today, huge data leaks happen because of the “little things.” Data storage cards as small as your thumbnail can hold mountains of sensitive data. We sweat the small stuff.
  • We are always on time. You’d be surprised how often we hear from new clients that people in our industry are notorious for being late for pickups. We are never late. We believe that if you can’t get somewhere on time, you are showing a complete lack of care before the job has even begun.
  • We carefully interview and vet all of our downstream channels. Why? Because we want to know who is handling all of the materials after it leaves our warehouse, and we know where everything ends up. Your materials will never end up in a landfill, or in a landfill overseas, or at the bottom of the ocean. Electronics are terrible for the environment, so we check all of our downstream vendors to make sure they are legit. We know where your waste ends up. Life Cycle Solutions is the original, the first Philadelphia hard drive shredding company and we take our responsibility to your shredding services seriously.

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LifeCycle Shred Data Destruction

About Dave Klayman, owner

There are a lot of reasons Dave got into recycling, but the bottom line is he has always had a passion for it. In elementary school he won an award for recycling and keeping the school area neat and tidy. Dave’s father was in the food manufacturing industry, but he also had a passion for recycling and was always showing Dave different ways to make money, explaining different scenarios, and how things worked. Even as a young kid, Dave stripped copper wire to make extra money. He enjoyed these times with his father, and these experiences planted the seeds that would one day turn into Life Cycle Solutions.

On Site Hard Drive Shredding Philadelphia Shredding Services Near Me

A lot of the recycling business operation comes down to collection, transportation/logistics, warehousing, and liquidation or hard assets. Dave picked up a lot of these areas of expertise from being around his father (in the food manufacturing business), but also, prior to starting Life Cycle, spent ten years handling corporate asset liquidations for major companies which gave him the opportunity to organize, warehouse, transport, and liquidate assets for big companies.

Dave, Owner of Life Cycle Solutions, moving a large box full of E waste with his truck in the background ITAD Company – IT Asset Disposition – IT Asset Disposal Shredding Services Near Me

But Dave isn’t passionate about data security and destruction just because of the recycling aspect of the business. In the mid 2000’s, Dave himself was a victim of identity theft, and it took him a lot of time and effort to overcome all of the problems it created. So, when he developed his shredding services for securing and destroying sensitive information for his clients, he took it seriously, having been a victim of identity theft himself. He knows first-hand what it is like to have your information stolen and used by someone else.

Dave, Owner of Life Cycle Solutions, Using their sophisticated shredding machine to shred hard drives