One Time Document Purge Philadelphia

One Time Document Purge Philadelphia

One Time Document Purge Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware

One Time Document Purge Shredding Service For:  

  • Legal Document Shredding Service
  • One-Time Shredding Services
  • Shredding Deceased People’s Documents and Papers
  • Spring Clean Up Document Purge
  • Bulk Paper Shredding Service – File Cabinets, Basements, Warehouses, Storage Units
  • Residential Paper Shredding Service
  • Commercial Paper Shredding Service

One Time Document Purge Philadelphia. We offer safe, secure, professional shredding of your sensitive documents. We will pick up your documents, tag them, and maintain chain of custody throughout the process. We take data security and personal information very seriously. We follow industry best practices for all of our data destruction processes, and shredding is no different.  

one time document purge philadelphia

Document Shredding Service

Document Shredding Service in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware is one of our primary services. We will pick up you documents, tag them, transport them securely to our facility, maintain proper chain of custody, and shred your documents properly, and provide you with a certificate of destruction if requested. We take document destructions seriously. Your sensitive documents will never end up in the wrong place if you work with us. From pick up to final destination, we follow best in class protocols to make sure your information can never be retrieved and used to nefarious ends.

Legal Document Shredding Service

That class action lawsuit has finally settled, and after years of accumulating boxes of files for discover, copying, re-copying and adding to the main case file, it may have ballooned to take up an entire storage unit, basement, file storage room, or warehouse, and once the final copy is digitized, the paper files must be securely destroyed.

Life Cycle Solutions is fully equipped for just such occasions. We can pick up those boxes, tag them, maintain chain of custody until they are destroyed and provide a certificate of destruction upon request. No job is too big. Even if a Legal Document Shredding project takes days or even weeks, we can handle projects this size, and make sure everything is disposed of properly, and securely.
When you work with Life Cycle Solutions you can know that your Legal Document Shredding project is handled by best in class processes (link to process page), using state of the art equipment, and is being handled by people who take data destruction and security seriously.

Residential Shredding Service – Home Office Shredding Services

People are often surprised how many documents they have stored in their homes. This is particularly true if you operate a home-based business (or did operate a home-based business) that requires or used to require a lot of document storage. We can pick up your documents and shred them at our secure facility, ensuring your sensitive documents never end up in the wrong hands.

Residential Shredding Services – Shredding Papers After Someone is Deceased

After someone becomes deceased, they often leave a lot of paperwork and documents behind. This can be particularly true of people who lived most of their lives before the digital age. They might have entire basements full of documents stored. These can range from financial documents like bank statements and receipts to forty years of tax documents. Identify theft of deceased persons is not uncommon. Once you have sorted out which documents you need to keep, you will need to dispose of the rest, and sitting them out by the curb is never a good idea.

We will pick up your boxes of documents, tag them, transport them to our secure facility and dispose of them properly. We can even provide you with a certificate of destruction upon request.

LifeCycle Shred Data Destruction

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Commercial Paper Shredding Service Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware

How is Commercial Paper Shredding Service different from Document Shredding Service? Businesses often generate a lot of paper. Sometimes they have no idea what is in a stack of paper, and rather than risk losing control of a sensitive piece of information, they choose to shred it instead. This is one example.

Also, especially in larger corporations, they can have stacks and bundles of old marketing materials, brochures, annual reports, outdated prospectus sheets, magazines, sales slicks, event marketing materials, trade show materials, etc. that are just lying around, and eventually someone finds them, and rather than throw them in a dumpster to wind up in a landfill (which could be seen as being environmentally insensitive as example), they want to have them destroyed. We call this Commercial Paper Shredding as opposed to document shredding. It’s not exactly a document. It’s often just a big pile of papers someone needs shredded.

Bulk Paper Shredding Service

Bulk Paper Shredding Service could be shredding any number of things. Piles of magazines that were never sold as an example. Old stacks of newspapers. Stacks of last year’s annual report. Or just entire warehouses or storage rooms full of papers nobody has the time or desire to go through, and just wants them shredded properly.

When you think of Bulk Paper Shredding, just imagine a large storage unit (23×30 as an example) that is packed from floor to ceiling and front to back with boxes full of paper you have neither the time nor the desire to go through, and you just want to make sure they are securely destroyed. This is bulk shredding.

We will come to you, pack it all up, and dispose of it safely and securely. No job is too big. Bulk paper shredding often comes by the truck loads. We have the equipment to handle these types of shredding jobs so you don’t have to. Just leave it all to us.