On Site Hard Drive Shredding Philadelphia

On Site Hard Drive Shredding Philadelphia

Onsite Hard Drive Shredding Philadelphia – We Shred Your Hard Drives at Your Office

On Site Hard Drive Shredding Philadelphia

We will shred your hard drives in your office or building while you watch. Our trucks have the necessary equipment on board to perform hard drive shredding on site. You can be there and watch (if you want to) as we destroy your hard drives by shredding them into small particles. We will provide a Certificate of Destruction upon request.

Our Process is state of the art, certified, and secure. We meet the highest standards of the U.S. Government, are R2 Certified (we hold multiple certifications)  and a member of NAID.

Why Is Hard Drive Shredding So Important?

Hard Drive Shredding is important because many IT professionals (and individuals) believe that erasing information on a hard drive is a pretty easy thing to accomplish when in fact, it isn’t. Stellar released a study in 2019 that revealed that over 71% of the 311 devices they analyzed contained PII [Personally Identifiable Information], personal data and business information. Two hundred and twenty two of the devices studied were disposed sold into the secondary market without using proper data erasure tools which means these devices were sold off with all of this data still on them.

Of the one hundred and fifty one hard drives included in the study, sixty nine of them had data left on them which included photos, videos, identification cards, business documentation, banking info, sales deeds, partnership agreements, invoice bills, and more.

Have you ever wondered how much it costs a company if they violate HIPAA Regulations because a patient’s personal information is divulged due to improper Media or Data Storage destruction and handling? It cost the Cancer Care Group $750,000 in 2016.

Thieves know where to look for media and hardware that has been improperly disposed of, and your company is often liable for where your customers data ends up. One of the only ways to truly make sure your hard drives don’t divulge sensitive information is to shred them.

Benefits Of Onsite Hard Drive Shredding Service Philadelphia

Immediate Data Destruction: When we perform on-site hard drive shredding, all of your data is completely destroyed on the premises, and never leaves the building. Because it remains on-site there is 100% certainty you have maintained chain of custody and the final disposition of the hard drive. When we are finished shredding your hard drives, the only thing left are tiny ground up fragments. These we take away and dispose of making sure they never end up in a landfill, or in the ocean.

Complete Transparency. With on-site hard drive shredding, you can watch the hard drive shredding machine and personally oversee your discs or drives being put through the industrial shredder. Thus providing complete transparency and maintaining proper chain of custody because your hard drives never leave. You can be there to supervise and document the complete destruction of your hard drives by shredding.

Seeing Is Believing. Although our offsite hard drive shredding service maintains chain of custody using cameras, locks, tags, certified scales, and many other checks and balances, nothing will give you the feeling of 100% security like seeing your hard drives turned into millimeter size fragments before your eyes. You can literally see them go into the machine, see the outcome, and KNOW what happened with your hard drives and the data contained on them. We understand wanting this level of security and this is why we offer on-site hard drive shredding. We know some of our customers want ZERO DOUBT about the final disposition of their sensitive data.

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Benefits Of Onsite Hard Drive Shredding Service Philadelphia

Electronic components like hard drives are terrible for the environment. When we shred your hard drive, none of those components will end up in a landfill – or in an overseas landfill – or an overseas “chop shop” – or worse, in the ocean. It is true – all of these things can happen and do happen every day. But if you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that we verify ALL of our downstream vendors. We know precisely where your materials end up. We verify it because we care a great deal about the environment and we know our customers do too.

But beyond just caring about the environment – if it is YOUR e-waste, it is your responsibility to ensure it is disposed of properly. The last thing you want is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) showing up at your workplace to commence investigating you because they found your electronic components improperly disposed of. The fines and the cost of environmental remediation can be astronomical. Where your e waste ends up matters.