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Secure Media Destruction
To simply format hard drive does not erase data permanently. Reformatted hard drives always retain information. Life Cycle Solutions offers onsite hard drive shredding, off-site hard drive shredding, and data removal. We provide environmentally friendly solutions for the destruction of sensitive, confidential information. The end result is unrecoverable bits of data and scrap metal. Life Cycle Solutions provides a written guarantee insuring your confidential, sensitive data is 100% destroyed and unrecoverable. A full serialized inventory for asset management and a certificate of destruction and recycling are available upon request.

Recycling Services

Our Recycling Services adhere to the 3 R’s – Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse. From acquisition to disposition, Life Cycle Solutions has created a stream of reusable parts from end of life electronics. Working components are separated, refurbished and reinstalled into computers, laptops, printers and phone systems. From there, they can be reused, sold, donated to charity, or repurposed. Our processes are environmentally friendly and in compliance with all local and federal laws and regulations. In addition to our No Landfill Policy, Life Cycle Solutions proudly adheres to the most stringent environmentally and socially responsible practices when recovering hazardous materials and recycling electronic waste.

Asset Removal Services
One of Life Cycle Solutions specialties is providing maximum value for your outdated, inoperable, off-lease, and surplus assets. We offer a wide-range of solutions such as asset retrieval from client sites, a detailed inventory of items is available for your internal accounting, certificate of insurance for property management compliance, asset tag removal, complete office and data center cleanouts and tax deductible computer donations to charity. Our trained professionals assess and inventory all electronic materials received to determine their reusability, refurbishment opportunity, and the maximum remarket value of your mature IT assets. By eliminating these unutilized assets, you reclaim valuable square footage that can be used for much more profitable purposes.

No project is too big or too small. Life Cycle Solutions has provided custom-tailored asset removal and recycling services for SEPTA, Philadelphia Zoo, The MS Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Dechert Law Firm, QVC, PHH Mortgage, Holt’s Cigar, H&M, Brandywine Global Investments, ITT Technical Institute, single proprietorships and many more! We supply all the necessary manpower and equipment to ensure asset removals and electronics recycling services are carried out quickly and professionally, with as little disruption to your normal business operations as possible. For a quick assessment, download and complete this inventory sheet. Please email it back to or give us a call at 215-882-8161. We also offer Asset Appraisal Services on site where one of our professional staff comes to your location and takes inventory for you.

Referral Program
Has Life Cycle Solutions provided excellent service? Were they efficient, quiet and clean? Do you feel confident that your confidential information was irreparably destroyed? If so, we would be delighted if you would refer us to your friends and colleagues. In fact, the greatest compliment anyone can give is a referral. If we’ve done a great job for you, please tell your friends and colleagues. If your referral uses our service, we will send you a Gift Card for lunch on us at an area restaurant as our way of saying “Thank You”.

If you’re happy, please send us a contact that you feel could use our services. If you’re unhappy, please tell us. We want to correct it.

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Referral Program

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