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Need to destroy sensitive data? Outdated IT equipment filling up storage space? Not sure what to do with your old computers?
Life Cycle Solutions is the answer!

Life Cycle Solutions is the smart choice for busy corporations needing secure, data destruction and verifiable electronic asset disposal. Life Cycle Solutions gives you peace of mind with our on-site hard drive shredding system. Our state-of-the-art hard drive shredding system can be wheeled into any office or data center. You can watch your hard drives and media as we grind them to bits from the comfort of your desk -- cleanly, quietly and without interrupting your busy day.  
Life Cycle Solutions focuses on responsible corporate compliance and indemnification against improper disposal of electronic assets. We also provide electronics recycling and repurposing, de-installation services, serialized asset reporting, and logistics management. Life Cycle Solutions leads the way in best practices for electronic recycling and commodities recovery.
Life Cycle Solutions is the most trusted resource for asset disposal, hard drive shredding and electronics recycling in the Delaware Valley serving clients nationwide.

Get Started – Call Today!  (215) 882-8161

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